Investing in the Young to Co-create the Future of Asia

The conference for ‘Asia Young Activist-Researcher’ is held to imagine and design how we build a new platform that support the young in Asia to bring a new level of social changes through innovative activities and research. It is said the critical social issues are increasingly affecting Asia including poverty, environment, lack of transparency of society, justice and human rights, and it won’t be easier to deal with them due to its complexity and uncertainty. We need to think out of box and have capacity or wisdom to touch the core of what we should address. Especially for the young, there needs to secure a space and room to equip themselves to have different perspectives and experiences in a critical and innovative views.

Seoul, South Korea has paid attention to social innovation and young generation’s right, building an accumulated foundation actively pooling public and private efforts and resources for the young. In this regards, we try to initiate a new attempt of investing in our future, people and the young, and we see ‘Activist-researcher’ would be a concept in specific we will back for the future. In the conference, we invite experts and potential partners to discuss what is needed to do, how we design a fellowship and residency program and how we can start to cooperate to make this happen.



What is Activist-Researcher?

An activist-researcher, usually referring to an activist within social movement who does research, entails both researcher and activist roles and capabilities. Activist research has the potential to lead to better research outcomes: deeper and more thorough empirical knowledge of the problem at hand, as well as the theoretical understanding that otherwise would be difficult to achieve. They seek to bring about solutions that tackle various challenges the global society faces, by the means of rigorous research of the problems situated in both global and local contexts.